Fulcre can offer support in every area of public and private sector procurement and programme management and can operate at all levels of security clearance. We can also review and carry out the renegotiation of existing contracts to provide mutual benefits to both parties as well as carrying out health checks and Black and Red programme team reviews

Our staff and associates offer  a unique blend of people, all with ‘hands on’ as well as senior management experience and the skills of either leading or being key members of major procurements, bidding and delivery teams in both the Public and Private Sectors.

They can provide  a wide-range of expertise – including procurement ,project, commercial, and service management, as well as legal, support and domain knowledge.

To ensure that any resultant contract is both deliverable, offers value for money and delivers the business benefits to all parties

We also work closely with several associate companies in the commercial and procurement field including Landseer Partners, who are strategic sales architects and work both within the public and private sectors .