The Fulcre Approach

    Based on Fulcre’s in-depth understanding of procurements from a client and supplier perspective, a methodology has been developed to ensure procurements are successful.

Developing Procurement Strategy

    Ensuring the strategy is correctly established is a key factor in the success of the procurement process. The initial steps are designed to:-
    • Assess the clients business, technical, fiscal and cultural capability to undertake the programme.
    • Ensure that other frameworks or available contracts cannot be used to reduce or shorten the process and costs.
    • Develop an overall plan with associated resources and costs.

The Fulcre Methodology

    The Fulcre methodology then takes the client through a structured approach to the stages of the procurement.
    Fulcre’s methodology covers all stages of procurement from the strategy stage through to contract award and the commencement of service delivery.At each stage the key deliverables and check points are defined. Underpinning each stage are several fundamental principles:-
    • Re-evaulation of the business case and benefits.
    • Stakeholder and supplier communication.
    • Detailed planning.
    • Value for money.
    It is critical to ensure that the Competitive Dialogue phase has been well thought through and planned – the Fulcre approach ensures:-
    • An appropriate and informed set of suppliers are selected.
    • Client resources are available and briefed.
    • The requirements, business case and benefits are well articulated and understood.
    • Logistics have been considered.