Competitive Dialogue

      Competitive Dialogue -

A Fulcre Opinion

    Public Sector procurement processes have changed significantly following the EU requirement to introduce “Competitive Dialogue”.
    • All UK Government (Public) procurements over €140k are subject to EU rules.
    • The new process enables more discussion to take place between suppliers and government departments concerning the scope of the requirements.
    • The intended results? Greater understanding of requirements, better contracts, reduced cost of failure and better value for money

competitive dialogue

    Whilst centres of excellence do exist:-
    • The new process is often not well understood by either party, resulting in higher costs and longer timescales.
    • As the legislation is not detailed, departments are confused about what is applicable, and concerned that they may not comply with the legislation.
    • The result? Pockets of variable “best practice”, which add to the confusion.
    The Fulcre objectives are to:-
    • Work with a range of bodies e.g. the OGC, the Cabinet Office and Intellect to develop appropriate codes of practice for procurements.
    • Offer unique insights into the effective running of competitive dialogue procurements.